The first project, which is affectionatly known as 'The Throne', was the outcome of a furntiture design brief at Massey University. The chair is designed to allow someone to sit and read in a lounge whilst others watch television. The wing acts as both a corner to get comfortable in, as well as a partial divider to seperate the reader from the environment but not so obstructive that it prevents socialising.

Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in Keyshot.
Manufactured from Plywood, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, PU-leather, Foam, LOTS OF GLUE.

The second project was to create a LED lamp for rapid prototyping. My product was a battery powered military defence lamp that attatched to velcro straps on a soldiers chest carrier vest. It contains a number of visible light LEDS as well as IR LEDS for Night Vision goggle support. The aim of the product is to minimise friendly fire incidents by allowing fast target recognition.

Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in Keyshot.

Client: Massey University - Type: Furniture Design - Date: 2013

Designed and Manufactured with Brendan Knight.

Client: Massey University - Type: Product Design - Date: 2013

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